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Leadership Dynamics Group has two management areas of extraordinary expertise.

FIRST, we specialize in the soft skills training and development of supervisors, managers and executives by fine tuning their managing skills, improving management techniques, and increasing not only their own productivity, but also the productivity of the organization.

SECOND, we are experts in the area of employee assessments, either pre-employment assessments or assessments of current employees being considered for succession planning, promotion, coaching or a change in job vocation.


Participants in our results based programs focus on achieving new levels of individual as well as team performance. They remove barriers to productivity as well as align individual and organizational goals. The Leadership Dynamics management training process has been proven successful over and over again for nearly four decades, and when joined with employee assessments the combined results are extraordinary. It Works!

Leadership Dynamics Group customizes their programs to:

  • Your company's needs and concerns
  • The size of your company
  • Your company's budget

Contact Leadership Dynamics Group to have a representative discuss the programs best for you and how they are implemented. Contact Form

Browse our site and learn more about who we are and what we do:

The Programs Page gives a brief description of the Leadership Dynamics Group programs which include: Personal Productivity, Supervisory Management, Management Development, Personal Leadership, Communications, Sales Strategies and Strategic Planning - that have helped organizations develop the talents and abilities of  key employees for nearly 40 years.

Over 500,000 key employees from around the world have completed the performance and learning system programs used by Leadership Dynamics Group.  Although numerous managers are technically and professionally competent, we have found many of those same managers are not well versed in the soft skills of truly directing and managing people so as to achieve desired results.

The Assessments Tools Page gives a description of the various employee assessment tools that help you hire the right person in the beginning, and put the right person in the right job.  Whether it is pre-hire evaluation, 360 feedback, succession planning, team analysis, call center, customer service or for a potential salesperson-we have the assessment tool to help you make objective employee decisions. The employee assessments are validated and meet all ADA, EEOC and DOL guidelines.

Over 40,000,000 of the assessments have been used globally, and always the intent is to have the right person in the right job. In turn, this means:

  • Reduced Turnover

  • Higher Job Satisfaction

  • Less Tension

  • Greater Bottom Line Profits

Our Medical Job Assessments will help you hire the right person for the right job - the first time. With over 90 medical assessment job patterns we have the ability to help you select the professional you want.

Transit Training Page. Our expertise in the transit industry give us great insight into specifics for training supervisors and managers in that area.

The Company Page explains how clients  from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies improve their  performance and boost productivity of their employees.  Whether business owners, executives, managers, first line supervisors or salespeople in any non-government or government organization we have the tools to help your organization increase productivity.  From hiring the right person to fine tuning their their leadership skills, our system of productivity improvement creates lasting, measurable results.

The Coaching Page explains our Executive Coaching services - Experienced Coaching from Experienced Executives. If you want an experienced business coach, come to an experienced business organization.

The Why We Are Different Page explains the Leadership Dynamics Group weekly, action-oriented, on site process that works! No boring seminars.  No Preaching.  Just solid, professional, interactive workshops facilitated by experienced business professionals to achieve measurable results.  Guaranteed!

The Resources Page has links to our Affiliated Partners and links to the websites of Organizations that have used the services we offer.

Please Email any questions or inquiries or use the Contact Form on the Contact Page.

"Investing in the growth and development of employees
from first line supervisors to executive managers 
will give a greater return on investment
than anything else an organization can do."

A Human Resource and Management Development Company


Headquartered  in Houston, Texas

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